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The impressive heritage of Oneida Ltd. brands in one e-commerce platform

Viners is a UK brand of cutlery and a subsidiary company of Oneida Limited – one of the world’s largest designers and sellers of stainless steel, silver plated cutlery and tableware. Oneida teamed up with Chilid to bring its products and heritage to a new audience, as well as fans and hobbyists online. Tens of retail stores around the UK had been the main sales distribution channel for this company for many years. In 2013, Oneida decided to improve the online sales channel and change its e-commerce platform, integrating it with all warehouse solutions and CRM.

  1. We launched the new e-commerce application, achieving a 10x increase in the conversion rate. This success was possible thanks to fantastic co-operation with the Client and an iterative approach that adapted this e-commerce platform to their needs in a short timespan. New User Interface improvements and functionalities were launched frequently in response to conclusions drawn from permanent analysis of user behaviours and conversion of particular products.
  2. The Graphic design emphasises the product and its values, including visual quality. A rich catalogue of beautifully crafted products was an invaluable basis on which to build a clean and bright new look and feel for this e-commerce service.
  3. We designed and built a variety of features and functionalities to deliver a best-in-class online shopping experience to Viners’ customers, including bundled products and dedicated event-driven emails with notification of when a product is back in stock or custom crafted "you may also like" features.

What — Project Scope

The Client’s goal was to build a new distribution channel from scratch for their products on the Internet, significant for this business and with emphasis on strong graphic presentation. We achieved this goal and, moreover, throughout a year of co-operation, we created an e-commerce channel that was highly profitable and the fastest growing in the company. We managed this because we tested proposed solutions on users prior to implementation. With this agile, iterative approach, we developed an e-commerce platform that is tailored for the users. Viners is a place where several well-known quality brands are on sale in the UK: Viners, Sant’ Andrea, George Wilkinson, Oneida.

How — Information Architecture, Wireframes

The Information architecture in this case was a result of choosing solutions for particular users' needs (age group 35+), their cultural habits and functional capabilities. We designed all the paths that a user moves along within the web-service in such a way that the user is always able to search or buy a product. Clickable mockups were used as a base for the developers’ work.

How — Moodboards

Moodboard presentation in the customer's office, for all stakeholders of the project, was the first piece of a visual presentation of ideas which we had discussed with the client a couple of weeks earlier. As always, we went through this stage very carefully – we discover the user, we draw him/her (literally), we hang visual associations and guidelines on walls. Once we have this basis, we create a proposition consisting of two graphic visions, a skeleton of inspiration and visual directions.

How - Graphic Design

Graphic design of an internet shop is based on the idea of maximising simplicity and "invisibility" – nothing can be allowed to bother the customer in the process of buying a product, which in this case is a piece of design in itself. English lace motive, bespoke icons and patterns - all these classic elements crafted precisely to highlight the brand’s heritage.

How — Alternative Graphic Design Versions

After the lead moodboard is chosen, we propose two different graphic designs created by two different designers. The same layout, the same information architecture, the same aim and target group – two different homepage projects with different details, colours – different UX.

How — Development and Implementation

The Magento platform was chosen as the foundation to foster the growth in Viners' direct-to-consumer business. We integrated and developed custom modules in a SCRUM team with dedicated PHP/Magento developers. An interdisciplinary team was busy incrementally building the e-commerce platform, fostering constant feedback from stakeholders and quickly implementing any changes. Front-end development using Magento templates utilised modern interface solutions integrated into the Magento engine.


Magento focus

Working with Magento templates engine requires a different way of configuration and code organisation.

Features for users' comfort

We rebuilt standard Magento front-end solutions and used require.js, AJAX, and a single page, dynamic approach.


The attachment of British customers to tradition, especially in the foodservice and tabletop segment, was reflected in the amount of positive reactions and feedback received. For business, up until that time, the main distribution channel was retail shops, the new online channel therefore created a complementary solution to drive sales. Revenue growth from the new e-commerce platform when compared to an off-the-shelf solution that was in use before, confirmed the level of success of the project.

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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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