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A guy ‘walks into a bar’, he wants a new website for testing his app. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will want to do much more with this set of Chilid designers...

This long-term cooperation, based on the idea of dedicating designers and developers who augment a client’s manpower, started with building the new website and has grown to product UX improvements, application development, and adding value for PractiTest customers.

Old website

Practitest case study image

New website

Practitest case study image

Remote cooperation between Poland and Israel based on a many times proven process

We all know that the world is a global village now. We kind of embrace it as we like to spread our word around the world, but meeting a client from Israel was a great door-opener to cooperation with business in that country and we must say we cherish this new relationship a lot. Many new goals appeared for us and we gladly took the challenge.

Every good design story starts in a pub... or with a good architecture and wireframes

To make sure that our product design meets the real business needs, we work according to our independently created process. It starts with the Product Strategy and Tactics Workshop, where the Product Vision is deeply analysed and described.

It’s a great base for the information architecture and wireframes, all user flows and paths. One could call it multi-step verification of the client’s needs and actually it would be more than right, with one additional point - there is a real way to check the users’ needs, shown by the previous experience, data, and all the knowledge gathered by our client over many years of running the business.
PractiTest Product vision
PractiTest Architecture
PractiTest Product Info
PractiTest Product

Our client gets “new clothes” and we are the tailors.

The biggest demand on our work was to “tailor new clothes” for an existing product website and all its features. The old version was a reference from the analytics standing behind it and gave a rough idea of the content bucket we should use. We took all the data and crafted a new experience where the app is presented as an easy-to learn and easy-to-master product.
PractiTest Website
PractiTest Website
Data visualisation with
a mission of explanation

The old website was almost all just plain text. We had to add some space and hierarchy to almost everything in order to provide the users with comfortable viewing flow.

No hardware branding

As PractiTest is a multi-OS platform, they don’t want to be connected with specific hardware brands. We had to use different models to the ones from Cupertino’s company.

PractiTest Website

Allright is not an option in the case of UI and UX design

PractiTest is very demanding but at the same time extremely business-oriented and focused. This kind of partner allows us to keep our Scrum process at the highest level. Meetings, constant transparency, and full trust are the best way to create a design that can be easily recognised by the users.
More interactions

We put some videos and interaction elements to be sure user app understanding is bigger.

PractiTest Search

Fresh and vivid

When the whole background is grey you need some colours to make it more alive. We made some icons with vivid colours to make it all look more dynamic.

PractiTest Icons

Light with space combination

We used a thin font for headlines and space between all elements in the project. This will improve reading information for the user and there is a lot of information on the website. Detailed tech specs and long lists of features - reading all that could feel frustrating. Well, not anymore.

PractiTest List

From a good website to a dedicated remote team

After going live, our customer was satisfied enough to think about the next steps of product evolution and wanted to include Chilid in those plans. That is how we started our work on improving the app itself and not only that, many new features were added...
From hard work and good design, a long term collaboration emerged

We threw away all “the old” and brought you everything new, built from scratch and based on our careful process.

Logo Practitest
Designing a new website from scratch

Another one of our challenges was to fix the user experience by creating a completely new information architecture structure.

PractiTest list
User flow and user experience had to be changed for better outcomes

We changed the right bits and pieces to enable users to experience it with ease and actually be satisfied with the app.

PractiTest list

Good product design can only be achieved with 360° view

From the first workshop, through each individual wireframe, there is a team behind it - designers, next to the developers, hand in hand, create the ideas for web presence, well designed and simply effective.
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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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