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MVP in seven Sprints and a website on which to promote it

Politics without the noise - Smart, insightful, respectful, transparent politics. POLCO is a unique platform that allows people to vote, give their opinions, and comment on policies by meeting in the online spaces they choose: websites, blogs, emails, mobile applications, and embedded or independent widgets. The uniqueness of the product is not just in its concept, it’s also in the team behind it - collectively the team has worked at Amazon, Google, overseas military bases and embassies, in the oil fields, at the White House, in banks, hospitals, and in public policy advising.

Cooperation based on Scrum and one team in three countries, connected by Slack, Skype and Jira. Everybody with one goal - to create the MVP within 7 Sprints using the best-known practices. Our UI design and front-end development passed its first testing phase – opinions from Harvard university students were quite uplifting: "Everyone at the showcase loved the design! I had five separate people say it was the nicest design they had seen. Awesome!"

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The first goal is to move Texanians

A team of brilliant minds, made up of former soldiers from the US Air Force, molecular biologists, and Amazon economists, invited us to build an app for their surrounding society. POLCO is politics without the noise - Poll Citizens, real-time polling, and validated analytics. To achieve this goal, we suggested an iterative approach to product design - from a simple prototype to full MVP. Now, our work is focused on constant development based on user and market feedback.

Did You know?

is the current Texas
citizens population

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Business goals
to achieve

It’s all about two basic features

Before the first thought, before the first line is written, we spend a lot of time getting to understand the business objectives and target audience. This is the only way to find Key Features, based on which we will build UX/IU ideas and a strategy for obtaining feedback from users. Work based on maximum Key Features has great effects: it gives us complete focus on building the interface, priorities don’t need to be changed during a short process, it allows users to achieve the app’s goal more easily, and investors to properly assess the idea validation.

Basic feature 1:
Simple voting

Easy access to policy shortcut information gives the possibility for quick judgement

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Basic feature 2:
User comments

Your opinion is important in the context of other opinions - see recent comments in a timeline view

Polco case study image
Polco case study image

UI easy to use for any kind of user

Building the application for such a wide-ranging and expanded target group should be based on the rule that you cover the full spectrum of internet usage awareness. This does not change the fact that you should still choose one "user persona," which in this case is the “user of the future”, however, it still contains the mission of UX improvements driven by the user’s awareness of growth. Iterative, agile work can, however, reach this goal step by step.

Easy sharing

Public policy requires special attention in order to be available everywhere, for everyone. We’ve made sharing simple and based it on the most popular users’ actions in the USA.

Filtrable list of items

Maintaining the user’s interest and their sense of commitment is achieved using the idea of simple and boundless policy access.

Polco case study image
Polco case study image
The Process

Moodboard to save you money

Moodboard is our first mouse-move in the design phase. Earlier activities were focused on building the basics and understanding business objectives, shaping the structure and connections. Moodboard is our first conversation with you about design (because we don’t want to even try to talk about the design without… design). Moodboard is a set of associations, colours, shapes, fonts, styles. Just one quick view for your 4-second decision - like it or not; before we spend many hours preparing the main page design.

Polco case study image
Polco case study image

Wireframes as guidelines

Wireframes are the tool of communication - with the user, as invisible foundations of user experience, and in cooperation with the customer as a good basis for discussions about the priorities above the graphic context. Work on the information architecture is provided visually and through actions. For POLCO, we wireframed all views in each of the resolutions with the "mobile first" model as a principle.

Wireframe view
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Evolved design
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Smooth user flow

Our aim was to build a flow which achieves business objectives (the action you want visitors to take on the site) and user objectives, the desires or needs that they want to satisfy. We planned all paths of acquisition (organic search, paid advertising, social media, email, direct link) through the onboarding and main actions, until the final conversion – the voting.

Our client's opinion

We had so much fun playing with the clickable version this weekend :)
- Alex Pendersen

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We designed a complete business environment

POLCO products include websites, widgets, and apps. Each of these allows municipalities to collect citizens’ views concerning proposed legislation and even notional agenda items. Citizens become more active and informed participants in the political process by voicing their views to municipal leaders and other citizens. POLCO makes voicing opinions accessible, easy, and convenient.

Website design

Internet presence connected with marketing goals and brand identity. Quick and simple information about the app and its mission.

Polco case study image Polco case study image

Application design

The app is the central point of users’ community building.

Polco case study image Polco case study image

Worldwide Team Collaboration

Three time zones, one team with the single Product Owner on the Client’s side. This is not only possible, it can be effective and really boost creativity. The “small things” which are needed to achieve this are an incredibly clear process, Scrum, interdisciplinary team (not a group of brilliant individual geniuses, but a properly formed team) and relevant experience.

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Variety of frameworks

Decisions as to what the front-end development should be driven by were quite easy - performance, API connection, and time limitation. We needed something simple and future-proof at the same time: Angular.js, js, and HTML5.

Technology Icon - JavaScript JavaScript
Technology Icon - Angular Angular.js

Our client's opinion

I love Chilid!
- Dylan Cooper

Technology Icon - HTML 5 HTML 5
Technology Icon - jQuery jQuery
Technology Icon - jQuery jQuery
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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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