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Client from Hong Kong

Hong Kong have one of the highest population density per 1 km in the world. Competition is enormous in this kind of place, it makes our client looking for the most innovative and reliable solutions available. And we delivered.

Did You know?

200 000
citizens per 1 km2
is Hong Kong's population density

Pakt case study image
Business goals
to achieve

Increase Conversion Rate

Simplifying the whole process rewarded incredibly fast. Quick and easy sign up form and intelligible interface pay back with considerable increase of conversion rate during the first 3 months.

Sign up section changes

If something is clearly visible then it’s easier to find. Simple as that. Especially when we think about such an important element as „sign up” button. Making the button eye-catching helped us to reduce time that user waste looking for it.

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Stunning results

more new users
during last 3 months time

Short forms

Instead of wasting user time and making him annoyed during detailed registration process we make it a piece of cake. 4 seconds, this is all the time you need to spend for sign up.

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Process boost

4 sec that's how long it takes
to sign up

Explaining Product to the user

Don’t let new user to get lost in new environment. We wanted to make users initiation with our website smooth and painless.

How-it-works page

Understandable infographics leads to immediate discern in the main possibilities available on our website.

Simple tutorial design

Our tutorial will point you just to the right places in the blink of an eye with short and uncomplicated sentences.

Pakt case study image
Pakt case study image

Increase Membership Rate

Attractive membership choices benefit in a huge increase of membership rate. We believe we don't have to explain that higher membership rate translates strictly to the conversion rate.

Simple tutorial design

Our tutorial will point you just to the right places in the blink of an eye with short and uncomplicated sentences.

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Managed outcome

new registered users


We did some redesign

We replaced unreadable photos with straightforward graphics to keep the whole design consistent and transparent.

From unclear photos...
Pakt case study image clear simplicity
Pakt case study image

We cleared the UI for better UX

As we said at the beginning - „less is more”. Users just don’t want to wade through billions of complicated menus to get to the place they want. User needs to find out about pricing? Two clicks and here you are!

Easy product filtering

Just a few most important options, such as: category, purpose, season or color. What else do you really need?

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Clear and simple UI

Browsing through your collection can’t get any simpler than that.

Pakt case study image Pakt case study image

Worldwide Team Colaboration

Our team consists of group of enthusiasts from Hong Kong, Poland and Netherlands. Our processes dedicated for the remote work, regular meetings, video conferences, tools, apps and trust between simply open people guarantees us the success.

Pakt case study image Pakt case study image

Variety of frameworks

We used the newest technology available to be sure that our site works effortlessly and provides tools necessary to make our client pleased in 100%. App interface redesign is not only the graphic design changes. All flows, user paths and design improvements has to be delivered for the user with the high quality frontend development. It was a part of our job as well.

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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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