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A specific client with specific needs became a demanding challenge with a need of patience. This is a story of maintaining quality for a long time period.


Because internet is a constantly changing being. Also center itself keeps growing and evolving therefore it requires frequent updates and website changes.


Maintenance and support actions combined with quick reflexes helped us to maintain very effective collaboration.


Constant updates of website to follow up all the new things appearing - regarding Klif’s website including many aspects.
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Client with different needs than usual

There are many special things about this client. One is that recently we do not work a lot with our local countrymate clients. Klif is an exception. Other thing is that the history and length of our collaboration is so long that this thing alone is worth mention and stand for the quality of our service.

1st Klif was one of the first shopping centers in Poland
2 We had built two websites for two twin shopping centers
1996 Year in which Klif Gdynia was build
Royal Opening Norwegian Queen Sonija attended grand opening of Klif Gdynia

Giving website a purpose - forging useful tool

Klif’s website purpose was adding extra value to the existing shopping center. It is not only an internet entity - it should be a prolongation of Klif’s services and a helpful tool for users who want to use it. Therefore it has many useful features that can help user navigate or find things at the actual place.

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Index of brands - easy to use help tool

We have created a simple index of categories to help navigate from vendors inside Klif. Such a simple idea with a lot of influence.
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Binding clients with extra values offers

To maintain professional looks and feels of Klif we decided to add some extra stuff for the users Our aim was to bring the community closer with simple things like professional consulting about health and style. Works like a charm!

Creating a community

Shopping center needs people, therefore it requires a constantly growing community. And the community needs attention. Because of this we designed few features on the website to help with center-to-community communication. It had to be easy and intuitive. But even more it had to add extra value for the users to maintain that interests.

Managed outcome

8 402
subscribers for Klif


Openings Rate
(with 17% as avarage good indicator)

Dynamic newsletter system

A newsletter system with a possible everyday update from our side to keep users up to date with every event and every promotion there is in Klif.
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Mailchimp as trusted solution

We only use tools which we checked by ourselves. Therefore for mailings and newsletters we use Mailchimp integration as we recognize it as a trustworthy tool.
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3 years of dynamic maintenance

There has never been such a long term relationship with a client in Chilid’s history. 3 years of maintenance means that we were an audience to Klif’s growth, evolution and expansion. It was very demanding from us to keep a fresh view on things happening in the project. Not losing our focus on quality goals and user-oriented solutions was a bit of a challenge. Yet we managed to achieve it and we continue to work on this experience.

So many...

1 683 updated news

Everyday support

7,3 avarage number of events „swapped” daily

Everyday support

2 min

time of our response for new promotions

Best tech outcome achieved with simple logic

While designing and constructing Klif’s web page we decided it has to be easy to scale and modular. And so we used simplest solutions as often appears that simply works the best in most situations. Combination of WordPress and simple CSS definitely worked in this case. Like a child in a sandbox!

Technology Icon - JavaScript JavaScript
Technology Icon - Angular Wordpress
Technology Icon - HTML 5 HTML 5
Technology Icon - jQuery jQuery
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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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