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Sicilian farmers for customers from across Europe

Projects optimising the hard work of people, supporting greater ideas, are always something which we are eager to undertake. For the consortium of Sicilian farmers, In Campagna, we have created an application fulfilling not only the need for proper presentation of their idea and product offer but also acquisition, storage, sale and distribution of outstanding Sicilian products. We started our work with a few days' stay for the scrum team in the place where their business is created, and where the process to be supported by the application begins – in beautiful Sicily, their native land. Several days of analysis of needs and possible solutions resulted in a project of extensive e-commerce combined with a solid distribution system.

  1. Target group analysis resulted in the implementation of an application presenting various UI targeting four separate user groups: joint and several purchase, wholesale customers, single customers from Italy, and single recipients from Europe.
  2. Apart from presentation of products, it was extremely important to present the idea of a consortium operation and its objectives and to represent farmers supplying products to the final Customer. It has to be a store based on relations, methods of creating goods, and not on the product itself.
  3. The application was developed together with the XSolve Skillful Software House team - we were responsible for construction of UI and the graphic design, but also implementation of front-end development for the store.

What — Project Scope

The website representing the business, the presentation of the idea of the group, and the webstore in three language versions, as well as the adapted ranges of products - that is a brief description of our iterative work for In Campagna. Business analysis, structure of applications adapted to all groups of recipients, connection with back-end, and construction of a unique image of the consortium, all of this was completed according to our creative process.

How — Wireframes

Applications of such complexity are the best basis for noting the importance of wireframing all views and every functionality. Thanks to keeping constantly updated wireframes of the entire application, the customer could learn about the solutions before they were implemented, and the developers could also implement the solutions before the graphic designs were created.

How — Moodboards

Two versions of moodboard present two variations of graphic styles, iconography, typography, and other elements which combine to give the customer a choice of style - moodboards are accelerated visual communication with the client, giving a choice of style even before the creation of the first draft. This action refines the process of finding common expectations and concepts.

How — Graphic Design

Sicily, its landscapes and colours, as well as the main idea: "it has to taste good", are the general inspirations that we adopted when designing the In Campagna graphics. Additional references to old engravings and maps give this store the character of a friendly workshop. To facilitate navigation and to educate the user about the opportunities, we have designed a number of hand-made illustrations. They will also serve to enable the Customer to build the brand image offline.

How — Alternative versions

Our UI creation process assumes many iterations and repeated trials for real presentation of graphic ideas and solutions. We believe that only by using an image can we ask the customer and the user about their needs and properly examine the associations. For this reason, on the basis of the selected moodboard and the model wireframe of the leading page, two independent graphic designs are made, by two separate designers. One goal, two ideas.

How — Front-end Development

Implementation of front-end development for this application was based, firstly, on the objective of minimising unnecessary additions and loads, as well as providing the most intuitive solutions possible. Constant iterative cooperation with a team consisting of more than ten PHP developers, testers, and front-end developers, based on using Git or Twig.


PHP Symfony & Front-end

Working with the Symfony2 team requires very good mastery of the Twig engine template. This project was held on Github and we used Apache Ant Composer amongst other tools.

Other challenges

The many different languages required specific work with translations. We also implemented all forms' validation on the front -end side.


We tasted the oranges, we saw them grow, we saw who gathers them and how, and we discovered the way of ecologic food production for all of Europe. We are glad that, with our assistance, there will be more people that can use the remarkable products offered by In Campagna.

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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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