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Premium brand and catalogue creation

The company, Fargotex Sp. z o.o., was founded in 1999. Since 2014, Fargotex Group has consisted of three brands: Fargotex Furniture Fabrics – upholstery fabrics, Cosmonova fabric design – decorative fabrics, and Cosmonova contract – products for the HoReCa industry. These three brands needed one common online platform to promote, present, and sell on the Internet. We were responsible for the web design and web development of the product catalogue and sophisticated back-end with an administration panel. We started by redesigning the logotype – joining their tradition with new goals and their strategy of building a group of companies. Then we moved to the next goal; the construction of information architecture for three different brands, presented within one group and one web service. Visual wording of the brands had to stay consistent with the overall image of the company.

  1. Graphic design was the next step in the construction of the new image and communication with the brand’s Customers. Our aim was to present the brand and the products in a beautiful frame, to show a premium image and approach. The product catalogue, which is a slightly separate part of the website, was designed with the goal of showing the huge variety of fabrics on offer.
  2. An easy-to-manage CMS, based on Wordpress, was chosen and we developed the website along with a dedicated panel to handle custom management of the following elements: rapid editing, automated import of new products, quick management of listing of products, and customisation of ready-to-use modules.
  3. Logotype re-design – Fargotex brand decided to modify their target group and promote the brand as a more premium product. The re-design was undertaken with the intention to show a modern, high-quality company as a reliable business partner and producer. We made the logotype lighter and more elegant.

What —Logotype Redesign

The scope of the project comprised the re-design of the logotype and the complex service of website building, with graphic design from scratch, UI and UX design, front-end development, back-end development, and implementation. This wide scope of work provided the perfect platform for greater consistency across the whole product. We were able to enter our Client’s world and work on the complete image which allowed us to add significant value, not only to the top layer but also to the fully adjusted functionalities.

What — Responsive Web Design

We designed the new Fargotex website with the Responsive Web Design approach, to provide all users with easy access, no matter what device they use. As we wanted to build a new, modern image of the brand, we could not imagine any other approach than RWD. It is not only about the easy access to the website, it’s connected with genuinely caring about every-day users.

How — Information Architecture, Wireframes, Mood boards

Starting the project with our trademark comprehensive research of our Client gave us a bigger picture of Fargotex’s competition and target group. The primary Client was a business model – Fargotex sell their products mostly in the B2B market. We designed a UI aimed at middle-aged business people who need to reach information about products immediately and be able to familiarise with the Company’s values and approach. We designed a path for users to easily navigate through the whole website, emphasising the product catalogue as the section most wanted by target users.

How — Graphic Design

Primarily, we wanted to highlight the new image of the Company – fresh, classy, modern, and elegant. Fargotex wanted to ensure they are associated with many years of experience, but at the same time not with an outdated approach. The graphic design we proposed derived from the newest trends with the full esteem of the Company’s tradition. The design of the products was fully adjusted to real needs – some product categories needed more visual elements for example. It was also a challenge for us to show a lot of technical information in a readable way – we designed dedicated icons to help users find specific characteristics of the product.

How — Alternative Graphic Design Versions

We designed two versions of the homepage to present the same wireframe with a subtly different design style. We wanted to be sure that we fully understood both the Client’s and the Customers’ moods and graphic preferences. We designed versions with slight differences in colours, styles, banner options, and navigation elements.

How — Development and Implementation

Choosing Wordpress was the best option because we know that Fargotex needs to update their website frequently: it was important to be sure that this would be easy and intuitive. Based on the chosen CMS, we built a news section, informational sections, and the product catalogue. We created a category tree which is simple to scale and modify. One of the key functionalities was the ordering section; orders are sent by email to the Sales Office and the Client has straightforward access to CMS, very useful for building and exporting the Customer base. The website has three language versions with the ability to easily add new languages if it becomes necessary in the future.


Full edition

The product structure is fully dedicated to providing Admin with all the necessary options and possibilities. We used the WPML plugin for Wordpress, which allows Admin to manage all the language versions within the same admin panel.


To optimise our development process, we used Grunt, Bower, and SaaS. We also used picturefill.js for responsive images so that users get images adjusted to their device’s resolution.


The aim of developing the new Fargotex website was to promote a refreshed image and to give the Customers an easy way to search for and order products. An intriguing target group, the fascinating world of beautiful furniture fabrics, added to the challenge of working with a well-known brand made this project unique and exciting. Now we all want to have a sofa with new covers!

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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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