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Product Design with Unicorn

During over a year of remote cooperation with the BlaBlaCar startup, we created various high-quality products. As an augmented team - immanent part of the client's team, we could fully engage in the products being created and act much more efficiently than as an external team. Our goals were based on keeping high-quality results across all fields; starting from general tasks like business and functional research and tracking trends on to very strict works like design, code implementation, and maintenance. Our unique design process was a guarantee of high-quality and efficient pace of project realisation.

Together for
1,5 year
We created
10 products
Available in
24 countries
BlaBlaCar Case Study Image

Based on our and BlaBlaCar’s data, we could undertake research and analysis to design and develop the most suitable products for user needs. We care not only about design and development of services, but at the same level, we are focused on the business aspects of every product we make. Keeping product consistency within guidelines and actual existing designs was one of our concerns too. As part of the team, we had a real influence on planning and scheduling of the product scope.

10 Products
BlaBlaLife Dedicated blog service #wordpress #javascript #SASS
UEFA Special service for EURO 2016 #wordpress #javascript #SASS
About Us BlaBlaCar history page #wordpress #javascript #SASS
UEFA Special service for EURO 2016 #wordpress #javascript #SASS
Axis Page Service for passengers & drivers #wordpress #javascript #SASS
Inside Stories Page about BBC values #wordpress #javascript #SASS
Dreamjobs BlaBlaCar recruitment service #wordpress #javascript #SASS
Newsroom News page for journalists #wordpress #javascript #SASS
CO2 Emission Ecological landing page #wordpress #javascript #SASS
Legal Pages Advanced design for legal pages #wordpress #javascript #SASS
Wir bringen leben Marketing landing page #wordpress #javascript #SASS
What have we done in those projects?
Product research / Business analysis / Design / Development / Maintenance
What have we done
in those projects?
Product research
Business analysis
Cooperation model

An augmented team makes a difference

Our long-term business partnership with BlaBlaCar has been based on the augmented team model. In this kind of collaboration, an external team becomes a full-time extension of the client's team. Thanks to this, we could use our skills and experience to expand BlaBlaCar team’s possibilities and resources. Full-time engagement allowed us to work with a deep focus on the client’s products and needs. We had a fresh view of their product and were inside the team at the same time. An augmented team works strictly with the client's management, keeping team responsiveness at a very high level.

Constant team
long term

4 Developers
1 Designer
1 Business Owner
1 Scrum Master
7 Hi-end specialists
BlaBlaCar case study image
Why augmented
team is great
for changes
Full team

Full time engagement have been allowing us to working with deep focus on client product and needs. We have had a fresh view of product and had been inside the team at the same time. Augmented team works strictly with client's management, so it keeps team responsiveness at very high level.

BlaBlaCar case study image
10 Face to face
meetings in
Paris & Gliwice
BlaBlaCar case study image
“Chilid made remote
cooperation super easy”
Zeynep Esin BlaBlaCar Product Manager

Aligned process

Efficiency and the quality of our cooperation was based on strong organisational and design processes.

We are agile
We work on a Scrum framework, allowing systematic delivery of product incrementations and fast reactions for changes and eventual problems.
BlaBlaCar case study image
The Design Process
The design process includes product workshops, service architecture, moodboards, wireframes, graphic design, code implementation, and testing. It is the best way to achieve maximum possible product quality.
BlaBlaCar case study image
What does
it mean?
readiness for
delivery of
Ability to adapt
to client's

Communication is the key

We use multiple communication tools for various purposes. Different tools are better for short, quick questions or for project feedback or harmonograms. The synergy of BlaBlaCar's and our communication tools results in great combined effects.

Slack is the best solution for daily communication. It allows to comfortable discussing urgent details.
Basecamp allows us to present product iterations like designs or implemented code and gain feedback in one place.
Lifesize and hangouts were our main tools to video conferences. We used it for scrum meetings and essential discussions.
Jira is our main for managing overall product, schedules and single tasks.
Efficient communication allowed us to keep the incrementation pace and transparency at the highest level.
BlaBlaCar case study image
A remote team with sporadic face to face meetings keeps increment pace and cooperation clarity at the highest level.
BlaBlaCar case study image
Team spirit

Team, Trust, Transparency

Building client trust was one of the crucial requirements of successful and effective cooperation. To do that, we had to work on a few main elements:

Fast reactions for problems & use of initiative with solutions
Systematic delivery of high-quality product
Detailed reporting
Daily contact & face to face meetings
Constant team
BlaBlaCar case study image
We are genuine & reliable
Without trust, there is no efficient remote team cooperation, so we did as much as possible to be reliable for our BlaBlaCar partner. We don’t pretend anything, we are just a trustworthy bunch of people. We care about relationships, not only professional but also the personal aspects.
BlaBlaCar case study image
How we keep
Our client is constantly aware of product development status with knowledge about progress and any encountered problems.
No bullshit
No bullshit
We do not hide anything in our team and in our communication with the Client. We work without excuses.
People in the team are always for the long term, thanks to this, both sides had a chance to get to know each other and build relationships.
Blablacar case study picture

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The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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