Business service

User is the king and this project had two of them. We had to think about user as a business owner who wants to advertise his services in the most effective way. We also had to remember that user can be a person who looks for the best cryo therapy and there's a lot at stake in that search: human health. We provided an app with a catalogue of services, review and rating system, booking… And we still have some ideas to put in this product.

United Arab Emirates Cryo

MongoDB ES6
Implementation in progress

Brass Willow

Selling platform for agile trainings

As a user you want to become a professional Scrum Master to support your team in developing awesome products. Select your training from the offer, sign up, pay using PayPal, receive your invoice and important informations about your training via e-mail and wait for automatic reminders the week and the day before the training date.

Poland Brass Willow

php Sass JS bower


Web Design and Frontend

Heartpace is a challenging project for us because of a Swedish client with an exceptional sensing about design. The goal is to improve his existing website to show the real value of the product.

Sweden Heartpace

KeystoneJS HTML5 CSS3 ES6 jQuery Sass
Implementation in progress

Virgin Radio Oman

MVP Mobile/web radio application

We got only three weeks to create three MVPs. The first one was a single page application with a lot of useful features like news, dynamic schedule or a radio player. In the same time, we developed two mobile apps: one for iOS, one for Android.

Oman Virgin Radio Oman

ECMAScript6 PHP Laravel AJAX Sass



During over a year of remote cooperation with the BlaBlaCar startup, we created various high-quality products. As an augmented team - immanent part of the client's team, we could fully engage in the products being created and act much more efficiently than as an external team.

France BlaBlaCar

Wireframes Moodboard Graphic Design Development Hi-End Web Design Product Design PHP WordPress

Numera Lighting

modern web catalogue

That's why it was quite an experience to create an interactive catalog. Using Shopify software-as-a-service we were able to swiftly create a performing and modern catalog of unique sconces.

United States Numera Lighting



UX, UI & Frontend for a booking platform

That was a huge challenge to create a system for booking flights and hotels from all over the wide world. A main goal was to create the best search offers for Saudi traveling to respond their needs and find the most appropriate deal at a good price.

Saudi Arabia Rehalati

React Redux RxJS npm webpack
Implementation in progress

Client from Saudi Arabia


We built a platform with the main goal of galvanising the small business market in Saudi Arabia. Facilitating the shift from local selling points only to an e-commerce system is one side of the coin. The other side is to introduce social commerce to the already huge social media market in Saudi Arabia, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Saudi Arabia Client from Saudi Arabia

Information Architecture Concept Wireframes UX Graphic Design Hi-End Web Design Product Design SPA Flexbox Angular.js 1.5

Spa Monkeys


Spa Monkeys delivers complete solution in spa, beauty and wellness industry in Hong Kong. It was achieved with a help of business tools such as online shop and places catalogue joint with blog, main marketing tool. Our role was to gradually implement those comprehensive solutions in a way to guarantee the highest comfort for users and the best place for business owners.

Hong Kong Spa Monkeys

Architecture Wireframes Moodboards Graphic Design

Eres Yachting

design for yacht charter platform

We built the app with collaboration with BoatBooker which is a software solution designed specifically for the nautical industry. It is based on actual needs of charter agencies, fleet operators and sailing fans all over the world. Thanks to that solution we could delivered final product to our client faster.

Switzerland Eres Yachting

Wireframes moodboards graphic design UXPin Basecamp Lucid chart

mvp design and frontend

Politics without the noise. New app for US voters, based on the previous concept. Remote cooperation, one Scrum team and MVP ready in seven Sprints.

United States

Information Architecture UI & UX Design HTML5 JavaScript

Showbiz Models

Bespoke backend app with the responsive UI

We created technically stable application that can be scaled. The application is fast and enables quick actions. Witch technical, UX and design changes, Client noticed an increase in the number of registered users. It is a huge advantage and brings many business values.

Italy Showbiz Models

Product canvas workshop interface design Architecture Wireframes Graphic Design Implementation PHP5 Symfony 2.6 JavaScript MySQL Maria DB

Planet Escape

Responsive trip catalogue

Planet Escape offers made-to-measure journeys and takes the travelling to the whole new level. Cosy hotels, true local cuisine, amazing places and perfectly planned trip - these are the things you can build the adventure of a lifetime with. Our goal was to create a product that guides you through the variety of travel ideas. This webapp allows you to search the trips and read all you need to know about them. You can also just look at the map and choose where you want to go.

Poland Planet Escape

HTML5 JavaScript PHP AJAX jQuery WordPress CSS3

Virtual Tabletop


Tabletop is the world’s largest designers and sellers of stainless steel and silver-plated cutlery and tableware. We built an user-centred single page application designed with Angular framework to perfectly fit the client’s needs.

United States Virtual Tabletop

Angular.js SPA PHP Silex HTML5 PureCSS JQuery

Web App Re-Design and Re-building

Hong Kong have one of the highest population density per 1 km in the world. Competition is enormous in this kind of place, it makes our client looking for the most innovative and reliable solutions available. And we delivered.

Hong Kong

Re-design concept Information architecture rebuilding Graphic Design Graphics Manual creation HTML5 JavaScript CSS3 CakePHP



This American educational platform came to us to get a smart and intuitive design for their e-learning courses. It was a real challenge for us to create a design which could be customised by everyone for their individual needs and yet always look as good as it did at the start.

United States Telspan

Wireframes Graphic Design Concept Symfony 2.7 jQuery Sass HTML5 PHP Twig
Implementation in progress



We've established a bridge of cooperation between Poland and Switzerland on the path to building an easy and cost-effective accounting management application. This client spent a month in our office, giving us all their available knowledge, visions, and business goals - everything we needed to iteratively create a web application and complementary website for promoting it worldwide.

Switzerland EZYCount

UI / UX Guidelines for the app App re-design App UI rebuilding Website architecture and Design jstree moment.js JQuery Wordpress


Web Design And Frontend

We focused on the usability and product vision. By using modern front-end solutions, we went into a higher level of presenting the product. By following our process path – we conquered the business goals and created the best product website. Target users of this app are Q&A testers, especially from the United States.

Israel PractiTest

Interface Design Wireframes Information Architecture jQuery HTML5 Sass CSS3 AJAX

Apa Smart


Thanks to the innovative product provided by Building Management System, every house, office, and factory can work in a smarter, more intuitive way. Our Client has an outstanding idea for presenting all the possibilities of this system in the showroom, so Chilid are taking responsibility for their web image. Apa Smart’s website is fully editable - every single detail can be edited by the Client to fulfil current and future requirements and needs.

Poland Apa Smart

Interface Design User Interface jQuery WordPress Sass


Responsive Website and catalogue of products

This e-commerce catalogue arose from the need for a new brand identity and products’ highlighting. We took care of the rebranding process, graphic design and all business goals which were focused on the better presentation of the Client’s offer. The multi-device website will delight all lovers of beautiful interiors and textiles.

Poland Fargotex

Re-branding Concept Interface Design Information Architecture Wireframes Graphic Design Wordpress PHP JavaScript Sass HTML5


Responsive E-commerce

Viners is a UK brand of cutlery, subsidiary company of Oneida Limited – one of the world’s largest designers and sellers of stainless steel, silverplated cutlery and tableware. Oneida teamed up with Chilid to bridge its products and heritage to new customers, fans and hobbyists online.

United Kingdom Viners

Interface Design Architecture Wireframes Graphic Design Implementation PHP Magento JavaScript Require.js MySql

Corel Discovery Center

Responsive Interface Re-design

Brand new idea, UI & UX design of the Discovery Center – section dedicated for knowledge hunters.

Canada Corel Discovery Center

Interface Design Architecture Wireframes Graphic Design Content Management

HUSH Selected & Martini 2014


Responsive, multi-device website dedicated to a major Polish fashion contest – Hush Selected & Martini. Our main goal was to build the new brand, a website with voting mechanism and, as a result, to boost professional fashion brands and designers.

Poland HUSH Selected & Martini 2014

Interface Design Architecture Wireframes Graphic Design PHP Wordpress JavaScript sass HTML5
Implementation in progress

PCS Brands

Responsive E-commerce and catalogue

Fully Responsive Web Application – combination of the company presentation and its online catalogue of exclusive products.

United Kingdom PCS Brands

Interface Design Architecture Wireframes Graphic Design Backbone.js Underscore.js Require.js Wordpress PHP MySql

In Campagna


Complex and extensive project that satisfies four aims: acquisition, storage, distribution and sale of outstanding Sicilian products. Administration, logistics, warehousing, shipping and e-commerce system behind unique image of the brand and its mission.

Italy In Campagna

Interface User Stories Interface Design Wireframes Graphic Design JavaScript Sass HTML5 PHP Symfony

Corel Painter


The next milestone in our complex and long-term cooperation with Corel Corporation –rebuilding and redesigning of the product website. Corel Painter onepage is the foundation of the plan for redevelopment of other Corel product sites.

Canada Corel Painter

General Re-Design Concept Information Architecture Clickable Wireframes Graphic Design
Implementation in progress

Cash Security Tec

Responsive Website and Product Catalogue

The project goal was a general change of brand web presence and creative approach to the seemingly visually unattractive subject: money suitcases. Moreover, we focused on the clear products' presentation and the ability of easy product ordering. Suitcases for the money in a slightly vintage style – enjoy!

Germany Cash Security Tec

General Web Presence Concept Interface Design Wireframes Graphic Design HTML5 Sass Wordpress PHP

Klif Fashion Mall


A specific client with specific needs became a demanding challenge with a need of patience. This is a story of maintaining quality for a long time period.

Poland Klif Fashion Mall

Interface Design Wireframes Graphic Design Architecture Wordpress JavaScript MySql PHP rafael.js



Our cooperation with Netrounds is built on a long-term relationship in which we provide an agile approach of iterative improvements and ideas. Application UI analysis, website re-design and additional graphic work.

Sweden Netrounds

Application UI audit Improvements recommendations (MoSCoW) Information Architecture Wireframes Graphic Design

Thinkin Application UI


We accompanied this Client from the moment of birth of their idea up to its implementation on the web. We were responsible for the user interface design, information architecture, and data & user flow. We applied minimalist and friendly designs, adjusted to the target group, to literally hundreds of wireframes.

Netherlands Thinkin Application UI

General UI concept Information Architecture Data & Users Workflow Wireframes Graphic Design Content Planning
Implementation in progress

Featured case studies


The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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