We employ only the most talented, hard-working people, with a passion for creating hi-end web design and bespoke front-end development. Are you one of them?

Hi, I'm Anna - MD and Creative Director of Chilid.
I asked my precious team recently why they still work here with such incredible engagement and don't go away.

They responded briefly as follows:

We have proper processes - in graphic design that's so important.
We have great foreign customers (about 98% of our projects) – there are many more waiting, we team up with the ones we choose.
We have true freedom of design.
We select software solutions to achieve business goals - you can learn so many new things.
We care about the quality of the code... show me a "design-driven” company that does that?
We have XSolve right beside us – so, if you want to do something else, you've got their expertise to add to ours, side by side.

Who are we looking for:

  • Product Owner

  • Growth Marketer (junior)

  • Scrum Master (junior)

  • Graphic (UI/UX) Designer

  • Front-End Developer

If you want to familiarise yourself with the great environment, financial conditions, other benefits, and our requirements - please don’t hesitate to contact us at
We don’t want to burden you with a list of mundane business assets so you can find out more here or just take a look at how we stand out:


With over five years of experience, we've developed our web design process so that it amplifies efficiency. We breathe with responsive web design. We are rigorous about the technology that runs our digital world and the effectiveness of our internal SCRUM processes.


We work with anyone who values good usability and good web design, regardless of their size or industry. We're devoted to our clients - we genuinely like their businesses. But, most of all, we love the users for whom we build the services; the User (rather than the Client) is the King.


We have often found our new customers are surprised that we invest such a lot of time in asking them questions, sometimes not-so-easy to answer, before we start drawing the first line. We begin with the user interface model, information architecture and each individual piece of interface has its own location and priority.

Featured case studies


The greatest proof of the quality of our work is in the engagement we have from our users, watching them achieving their business goals. In keeping with this, we have been honoured with several design & frontend awards which is extremely motivating and confirms that our mission and our values are sincere, we place a high value on this.



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